Fire Pit Design Ideas
Fire pits, fire hearths, and fire features

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Fire and water have always been a winning combination. Like Yin and Yang, they’re opposing forces that complement each other beautifully. The reflective qualities of water enhance the mystical qualities of fire. They offer a certain mesmerizing effect that I can only describe as primal.

Picture flames dancing across the reflective stillness of a pool, an inviting walkway that leads you across water to a beckoning fireplace beyond, or a wall of water that glistens as it descends and then disappears behind a fiery

Fire is a great way to enjoy the view.  If you have a lot with a view, locate fire features at the edge of the property in a place where people will have a chance to enjoy the fire while taking in the surroundings.

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trough. These are just a few of the possibilities that can result when you combine these two most basic gifts of nature.

Fire and Water